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Launch of industrial DinBox Router 3G with VPN, Ethernet, RS-232 & RS-485...

Launch of DinBox Router 3G! For pricing contact Bausch Datacom or your local distributor! As the Utility market uses more and more secured routing applications connecting RTU's to the back-end, Bausch Datacom proposes a cost effective 3G router featuring VPN (IPsec) security and many industrial features as add-on to their range of modems and RTU's.

Basic monitoring of 10/0.4kV distribution transformers.

The Bausch Datacom micro-RTU's are capable of performing communication (GPRS, 3G, LTE), IEC 60870-5-104 slave/Modbus mapping and delivering basic alarms and controls by digital I/O and metering values such as f.i. voltages, active power, reactive power, currents etc. The aim of the boxes is to have an all-in-one device at a cost-effective price, capable to be installed in larger numbers, so that they can be implimented in the 10/0.4kV distribution transformers.

Portfolio 2017: Modems and RTU's

Next to participating in innovative R&D for MV/LV substation monitoring, Bausch Datacom will continue to present for 2017 a full portfolio of PSTN, GSM, GPRS, 3G and LTE (cat1) devices. Check out all features and possibilities! We will launch 3 new products in 2017! Do not hesitate to ask for more information on

Bausch Datacom wins tender for Sibelga with DinBox GSM M4!

November, 20th 2016, Sibelga, DSO for the Brussels region in Belgium equips the next years some 700 MV/LV substations with RTU's from ABB to monitor short-circuit detection (mainly on the LV part - 400V - per phase) and indicate alarms. The routers used to communicate to the ABB RTU are the new Bausch Datacom DinBox GSM M4 modemsrouters.

Personal Invitation Bausch Datacom

Dear Partner, I would like to invite you personally to our Product Launch at the Utility Week in Barcelona: Fira Barcelona Gran Via Booth 3J115 Av. Joan Carles I, 64 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Barcelona, Spain

Invitation - Wednesday 16th November - 14.00-16.00 - Utility Week Barcelona - 3J115

Celebrate with us our new Ethernet modem and RTU's, 169 MHz/M-Bus module and 10-15 kV MV sensor with a drink and a chat on wednesday the 16th November - 14.00-16.00 - Booth 3J115!

Utility Week 15-17th November Barcelona: Launch of new products Bausch Datacom at booth 3J115

At the Utility Week fair in Barcelona Bausch Datacom will launch its new modem, RTU and electricity substation products, presenting its vision of cost- and functionality effectiveness for meter and MV/LV monitoring devices!

ARGUS, from Issue to Vision to Solution

Innovative technologies to enable cost-effective products for MV/LV substations with applications to smart grid operation and electric vehicle load balancing

DinBox GSM M4 modem - The workhorse of substation 3G communication!

The DinBox GSM M4 can be configured as a transparent modem (CSD data / GPRS / 3G) for meter reading, a SCADA IEC 60870-5-104 RTU or as a router to your network LAN device (meter, RTU, etc.). This makes it the ideal product for the communication of all kinds of 3G applications.

Experienced Embedded Software Developer needed!

Bausch Datacom looks for an experienced Embedded Software Developer to be hired at very short notice. Interested engineers can react on the Newsitem.

InduBox GSM M4: latest generation of InduBox family with Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 interface!

In Q4 2016 Bausch Datacom will release the InduBox GSM M4 modem. This modem is the latest version of the InduBox family and adds a complete new feature: an Ethernet interface! The modem is also future proof; the pin-out on the common form factor enables forward and backward compatibility between the different 2G, 3G and future 4G and LTE module variants.

DinBox RTU SL 104: IEC 60870-5-104 micro RTU's for MV/LV substations

The DinBox RTU SL 104 is a micro GPRS RTU, tailor made for alarming (and monitoring) applications. Typical MV/LV substation alarming and monitoring events can be communicated by the RTU. More and more DSO's are looking at costeffective solutions for their MV/LV substation monitoring. Ores, Infrax, AIEG in Belgium and SIG (Genève) and Lausanne in Switserland are the first DSO's to test and implement this new approach.

19 " racks for PSTN & GSM: proven technology still up to date!

Bausch Datacom continues offering 19" modem rack systems based on the PSTN Proxima and GSM Indubox modem technology. High performance and reliability are the key features of this modem technology.

Utility week Vienna 3-5 november 2015: Presentation of the ARGUS Substation automation portfolio!

Register for free and visit Bausch Datacom at Utility week Vienna 3-5 november 2015! Bausch Datacom will be presenting the second generation of its RTU and modem products at booth Am57. On wednesday 4 november there will be also a dedicated presentation of the ARGUS substation portfolio at the KIC-Innoenergy booth B.c09.

European electricity network distributors ORES Belgium and SIG Genève sign contract with Bausch Datacom to deliver IEC-60870-5-104 RTU's for substation control.

ORES and SIG Genève are the first European DSO's who are implementing the DinBox RTU SL 104. The product is a communication device especially suited for communicating to and from substations using the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol. The product is also in test at DSO's such as Infrax Belgium, Services Industrielles Lausanne and AIEG Belgium.

ARGUS Portfolio: Cost- Effective Monitoring of MV-LV Substations with Integrated WAN-Communications

Bausch Datacom launches Q1 2016 a cost effective portfolio of products that can be deployed and fitted in secondary distribution substations (MV-LV). The aim is to introduce a basic product that allows communication (GPRS, 3G, LTE, CDMA 450 MHz) using a SCADA protocol, such as IEC 60870-5-104, and can interface - using Modbus over RS-485 - to modules performing core monitoring functions, such as directional fault passage indication, metering and basic Power Quality indications.

Electricity Substation Monitoring portfolio

On the 1st of March 2015, Bausch Datacom became an official European KIC InnoEnergy partner and will commercialize during 2015-2016 European project results, including innovative sensors and a 'SuperRTU' for processing and communicating LV & MV parameters of electrical distribution substations!

New! IMODGSM-E3 GSM/GPRS embedded I-Module next to PSTN socket modem range.

New! The IMODGSM-E3 is our latest embedded GSM/GPRS I-module - 56,4 x 56,4 mm -, ment for all kinds of remote M2M alarm monitoring and utility applications. The new IMODGSM is FCC (Parts 15, 22 & 24), CE, IC and RoHS Compliant and has GCF v3.27.0, PTCRB v3.12.0, AT&T, Rogers and other worldwide operator certifications.

Bausch Datacom will be present at European Utility Week 2014 - 4 till 6 november Amsterdam - Hall 1 Booth A76

Bausch Datacom presents a diversified portfolio of RTU's, GPRS modems, EV charging infrastructure electronics and is participating in the engineering of innovative sensor technologies for substations for the years to come . The company focuses on 4 major (communication) aspects of the electricity grid: IEC 60870-5-104 SCADA communication, external meter reading communication, EV charging infrastructures and 'Active Substation' technology.

Bausch Datacom closes deal with Australian security solutions company Pacom Systems for the annual delivery of 3000 PSTN socket modems.

Bausch Datacom closes a deal with Pacom Systems for the integration of SM_H2 PSTN socket modules in the 8002 PACOM Edge Controller. A number of 3000 modules per year is forecasted for the years to come.

Praxis Modem Management System: remote mass configuration of GPRS modems

The Modem Management System firmware of the InduBox IX and DinBox GPRS SL modems is an OpenAT application supporting the grouping and mass deployment services offered by the Praxis Modem Management System. It is the ideal solution to monitor and manage the Bausch Datacom GSM and GPRS modeminfrastructure in the field. It provides a very usefull tool to monitor the status of your modem pool.

Multifunctional GPRS DINrail modem: DinBox GPRS SL

The DinBox GPRS SL modem is a serial V.24 RS-232/RS485 2/4 wire modem in a DINrail housing. The modem is DC powered and can be equipped with several metering and/or SCADA protocols (optional). CSD GSM data, GPRS IP socket server & client modes are possible. The modem is an ideal solution for RS-232/485 interfacing to PLC, metering devices, power quality measurement equipment and others.

Polyvalent GPRS modem: New DinBox GPRS SL

The new DinBox GPRS SL modem with integrated IEC 60870-5-104 slave protocol and Modbus mapping is an ideal solution for connecting industrial PC's, metering devices, power quality measurement equipment and equal devices to a SCADA backoffice over GPRS.

Bausch Networking, total solution provider for wireless applications.

Bausch Networking - recent spin-off of Bausch Datacom - focuses on wireless installations for the BeNeLux IT market. The company aims to be the wireless expert, complementary to typical IT integrators.

2014: Communication scenarios for (electricity) distribution network operators.

During 2014, the company will be focusing on 4 major communication aspects of the SMART GRID problemacy: IEC 60870-5-104 SCADA monitoring, GPRS meter reading, EV charging infrastructure electronics and Grid Voltage sensoring electronics.

New commercial partner for the Netherlands: Allied Data!

Bausch Datacom will cooperate with former Dutch sister company Allied Data to sell PSTN communication devices of the Bausch brand. Aim is to incorporate the long history of PSTN modem experience and market share of Allied Data into the Bausch Datacom portfolio. Bausch Datacom will propose alternatives for the End Of Life Tron PSTN modems.

Bausch Datacom wins GPRS modem project for electricity company of Bosnia Herzegovina!

In Bosnia Herzegovina Bausch Datacom will supply 1480 InduBox GSM IX modems to JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. Sarajevo for transparent GPRS meter reading. The modem lot is part of a bigger tender Nr:2000006430. "Nabavka brojila i prosjirenje AMM sistema u distributivnim podruzjnicama JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. - Sarajevo"

European Utility Week Amsterdam 15 - 17 october 2013 - Showcase technology

Cost effective IEC-60870-5-104 slave RTU's for SCADA applications, mass GPRS modem grouping and 169 MHz RF modules will be the main focus point of Bausch Datacom at the European Utility fair in Amsterdam. Check out our utility communication hardware at booth C01, Hall 1!

Free invitation for the 169 MHz RF network VIP-tour on the 19th september!

Bausch Datacom invites you to the VIP tour of the 169 MHz Wireless Sensor Network in Ghent. Subscribe for free for the 19th september!

Free Invitation to European utility week Amsterdam 15 - 17 october 2013

Bausch Datacom invites you to the European utility fair in Amsterdam. Register for free!

EN 50160 power quality measurement and short circuit alarming - new GPRS & Ethernet IEC 60870-5-104 communication products.

Bausch Datacom will release 4 new products as from Q3 2013. These products communicate as IEC 60870-5-104 slave hardware over GPRS and Ethernet. Aim is to offer cost effective hardware to communicate with master IEC 60870-5-104 host software such as ABB SPIDER, Clearscada ...

GreenWeCan 'VIP' tour: Bausch Datacom develops RF hardware in 169 MHz frequency for wireless sensor network in Ghent.

The ICON/IMINDS project GreenWeCan envolves a seamless Wireless Sensor (WSN) and WiFi network (WLAN) for the city of Ghent (Belgium) as a part of the European Smart Cities program. Much attention will be paid to "green" aspects: human exposure to radiation and energy consumption savings. To validate and analyse this, a demonstrator network will be built. The aim is to collect various sensor data in the city and to transfer this information to the network backplane offering service apps for administration, citizens and tourists. On the 19th of september a VIP tour will follow the 'data route' in the city of Ghent showing the application and communication media, closing the project officially.

Bausch Datacom gets order for 14.300 InduBox GPRS modems from Intracom Telecom Solutions for Bid Call ND-193 of Greece's electricity company Public Power Corporation (PPC).

In Greece Bausch Datacom NV/SA, will cooperate as a subcontractor with the Société Anonyme Intracom Telecom solutions to deliver 14.300 Smart GPRS Modems for the Bid Call under the number ND-193 Declaration Auction of the project "Installation of Telemetering System for Major LV Customer Meters".

DinBox M36, the out-of-the-box SMS alarming unit for industrial applications!

The DinBox M36 is a GSM / GPRS telemetry solution in a 9-unit M36 DIN-rail housing with embedded SMS application for all kind of events. The product is perfectly tailored to the industry's needs and comes with a complete SMS alarm and messaging software.

DinBox GPRS, upgrading non-IP enabled meter or industrial PC parks to GPRS

The DinBox GPRS is a DIN-rail housed, industrial GSM / GPRS modem with pocket size dimensions. The modem firmware allows the modem to be connected serially by RS-232 to a non-IP enabled (electricity) meter and to communicate with the host system by IP number and port number, using GPRS, without disturbing the transparent communication between the meter and the host. This is very useful to upgrade non-IP enabled meter or industrial PC parks to GPRS communication and IP without having to change the existing application!

iLumen, Belgian spin-off of Futech, manufacturer of solar panels, orders a first batch of 750 pieces of 'Lumibox', a GPRS pulse counting device.

iLumen, Belgian spin-off of Futech, manufacturer of solar panels, orders a first batch of 750 pieces of 'Lumibox' hardware, a GPRS pulse counting device. The product is tuned specifically for the PV solar panel market by Bausch Datacom and Futech. Futech is one of the leading PV solar system manufacturers and installers in Belgium. The company installs for private as well as business customers. iLumen will sell the product dedicated for the PV solar panel market in Belgium and abroad under the name Lumibox.

5-year contract for the supply of 5.000 GPRS RTU to Infrax electricity distribution network company

In September 2012 Bausch Datacom was awarded a new 5-year contract for the supply of 5.000 GPRS Remote Terminal Units to Infrax, a Belgian electricity distribution network company. Infrax studies the possibilities of 'Smart Grids' and will use the Bausch DinBox RTU SL6087 to guard and monitor each transformer substation in their 10 kV distribution network using the input information for online load flow calculation.

Mode 3 Electric Vehicle conductive charging equipment in accordance with IEC 61851-1 requirements

To integrate Mode 3 communication into the electrical car charging equipment of eNovates, Bausch Datacom developed the eVcc: mode 3 charging means that the device controlling the PWM communication (Pulse Width Modulation) is built inside the charging station or pole and not just inside the charging cable. It means that the Mode 3 communication charging relates connection of the Electrical Vehicle to the AC supply network (mains) utilizing dedicated electric vehicle supply equipment where the control pilot function extends to the control equipment inside the charging device itself.

IBBT GreenWeCan Wireless 169 MHz Sensor Network project for city of Ghent

IBBT (Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology) is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. The IBBT team offers companies and organizations active support in research and development. It brings together companies, authorities, and non-profit organizations to join forces on research projects. Both technical and non-technical issues are addressed within each of these projects.

Remote Metering: 25.000 GSM modems supplied to Electrabel

Bausch Datacom specialises in utility communication products and proudlysupplies it's 25.000th InduBox GSM/GPRS modem to Belgium's electricity companies Eandis, Ores and Sibelga (former Electrabel). Being a subcontractor of Itron (former Actaris) in Belgium the company supplies the modems for remote reading of Itron SL7000 industrial electricity meters*.

Lommel DinBox RTU Deadband

The Infrax study analyses voltage fluctuation problems caused by renewable 'green' energy, produced decentralised and locally but feeding a centralized grid...

Product News December 2009

The DinBox RTU has 16 digital inputs and each DI (1 to 16) has it?s own configuration with 3 possible options: Alarm, Information and Signalisation. Each of the 3 options has its specific parameters to set. In general the DinBox RTU can send a single DI message, a group DI message or a group AI message by SMS.

Renewed supply contract with Actaris Belgium for C&I metering devices

MV-90 is a proven host solution for data collection, management and analysis from commercial and industrial (C&I) metering devices. The Belgian electricity companies Eandis, Netmanagement Réseaux Wallonie and Sibelga use this MV-90 host system for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) of electricity meters in the field such as the Actaris SL7000 industrial electricity meter. The SL7000 meter, serially connected (RS-232) to a Bausch Indubox GSM modem, communicates transparently with the MV-90 host system.

Fluxys signs contract for production of 1100 RTU

Fluxys signs contract for the production of 1100 remote monitoring RTU for Cathodic Protection of gas pipelines. Bausch Datacom has sold the Intellectual Property and exclusive production rights of a Remote Monitoring Unit (RTU) for cathodic protection test points to Fluxys, Belgian operator of gas pipelines. The contracts for the production of 1100 RTU in Q4 2007 and Q1 2008 are signed with Index Belge and Demival. Bausch Datacom will perform end testing of all devices in the factory and will grant approval before release of the RTU out of the factory

Industrial Wireless Forum april, 24 2007

The Industrial Wireless Forum gives an overview on the state-of-the-art Wireless technologies and developments: it shows new ways to communicate and new ways to share information by the newest Wireless Communication Technologies !

Johnson (Stork) Pump uses ADC Box RTU

The business of Johnson Pump is dedicated to pumps and providing solutions to the many unique ?liquid? applications of their customers. They offer a wide product range of pumps for all kinds of industrial and marine liquid transport (chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, food & beverage, process industry, paper & pulp, marine?).

EDF RTE Transport closes contract for delivery of

RTE EDF Transport France closes a contract for 3 years with the Belgian metering company Steel for the delivery of the MK6E meter, a high accuracy Class 2S / 5S (IEC62053-22 and IEC62052-11) metering product.

2006: 150000 Bausch socket modems in Italy

DA Sistemi is a group of several companies operating together under the complete control of DA Sistemi S.p.A. The various companies produce equipment and applications using magnetic strip and microchip cards for electronic payment systems, fidelity schemes etc... Their EFT-POS terminals are especially popular and successful.

Bausch Datacom closes contract with GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies

 Bausch Datacom closes a contract with GE to supply professional Firewalls and WAN communication systems.