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Short Description

IEC 60870-5-104 enabled! The DinBox GPRS SL modem is a serial V.24 RS-232/RS485 2/4 wire modem in a DINrail housing. The modem is DC powered and can be equipped with several metering and/or SCADA protocols. CSD GSM data, GPRS IP socket server & client modes are possible. The modem is an ideal solution for RS-232/485 interfacing to PLC, metering devices, power quality measurement equipment and others.



Product Details

Product Code: DB GPRS SL
Product Name: DinBox GPRS SL

Technical Overview

Bausch Datacom specializes in integrating applications, protocols and TCP/IP protocol stack in its modems. At the heart of the DinBox GPRS SL modem, the SL6087 Sierra GPRS Wireless module supports a powerful software development environment - Open AT -, which allows embedded ANSI C applications to be executed directly on the Wireless CPU. This means that Bausch Datacom can integrate tailor made applications or communication protocols on the customer's demand, a very powerful tool! Protocols such as IEC 60870-5-104, DLMS COSEM, Modbus or others can thus be implemented in the modem.

The standard DinBox GPRS SL modem firmware in OpenAT supports modem grouping and mass deployment services, offered by the ‘Praxis’ MMS (Bausch Modem Management System). Praxis provides for scheduled and grouped updating of modem firmware over the air, switching of modems in group from GSM data to GPRS or vice versa, based on information from the modems in the field about signal strength (rssi, bit error rate…), cost based and scheduled switching between different AMR metering scenario's (Socket Client or Server Mode, CSD mode, GPRS mode…), setting of a different baudrate (between modem and meter) or modem configuration (APN name,...). Even secure communication with the back-office can be set up by adding RSA encryption code to the embedded software of the modem.

Basically the modem firmware allows the modem to be connected by RS-232 and/or RS-485 to 2 or more non-IP enabled (electricity) meters and to communicate however by IP number and port number using GPRS. In this way a transparent communication with the host system can be maintained!  

Product Specifications

° Mains and RS-485 interface: 4-pin header (pitch: 5.08 mm / Inom: 12 A / Unom : 250 V) and 4-pin
   connector terminal block with screw contacts (pitch 5.08 mm 
   / Inom: 12 A / Unom: 250 V / maximum wiring section: 2.5 mm2
° RS-232: female RJ-45 connector
° 50 Ohm AMP SMA antenna connector

° - 20°C / + 85°C
° 10% - 75% (non condensing)

° Built-in SL6087 800/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS module / CPU:
   32 bit, 104 MHZ, ARM9, running Open AT®, TCP/IP stack – ‘Class B’
° Magnetical dual band SMA antenna included
° Integrated 3V SIM card reader
° Communication protocol: 2G GPRS Class 10 / CSD / SMS / TCP IP
° GSM data: asynchronous transparent mode
° Flow control (RTS/CTS – XON/XOFF) and speed buffering
° Automatic format and speed sensing (300 to 115.200 bps)
° AT command set support
° Circuit-switched 14.4 Kbps data and Group 3 FAX (Class 1 and 2)

DTE interfaces:
° Complete RS-232 interface, galvanically separated, connected to UART1 of the GPRS module.
   RJ-45 (8x8) connector (DCD, RxD, TxD, DTR, GND, RI, RTS and CTS).
° RS-485 interface, configurable in 2- or 4 wire by jumper settings, galvanically separated, connected to
   UART2 of the GPRS module.

° CE

° Long term configurable watchdog (1-68 h)

Power supply:
° Input voltage range : 10 – 30 Vdc regulated
° Typical power consumption : 75 mA @ 12Vdc – idle, registered onto the network
                                                 400 mA @ 12Vdc – maximum at peak TX power

° Supports the Praxis Modem Management System grouping and mass deployment services
° Communication with meters without IP-stack
° IP Socket Server & Client Mode
° GSM-GPRS switching
° FOTA (Firmware over the Air)
° IEC 60870-5-104 protocol (optional)
° Modbus protocol (optional)
° Your application in OpenAT

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