DinBox GSM

Serial RS-232 900/1800 MHz GSM DIN-rail modem for M²M applications (4 I/0), magnetic Dual Band antenna included



Serial RS-232 Quadband 800/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM and/or EGSM/GPRS DIN-rail modem for M²M applications (4 I/0). Magnetic Dual Band antenna included


Indubox GSM

Dual band 900/1800 Mhz GSM modem. Magnetic Dual Band antenna included. Based on Conexant (Skybility) technology.


Indubox GSM II

Dual band 900/1800 Mhz GSM modem. Magnetic Dual Band antenna included. Based on Wavecom GSM technology.



FEATURED Wall mountable GSM/GPRS modem in sealable housing with isolated 3-wire RS-232 and 3-wire RS-485 interface. Ment for 'heavy' industrial environments: the InduBox GSM/GPRS VI is approved according to extended electromagnetical immunity requirements in the electricity market in Belgium (Laborelec, TST 25-3) and has an embedded Python Script application (Telit GSM/GPRS processor).


Proxima GSM 19 inch Rack

Professional GSM 19” Rack host modem for GSM communication (see also Proxima Rack 19")

Rack 19GSMRS-232


IEC 60870-5-104 enabled! The DinBox GPRS SL modem is a serial V.24 RS-232/RS485 2/4 wire modem in a DINrail housing. The modem is DC powered and can be equipped with several metering and/or SCADA protocols. CSD GSM data, GPRS IP socket server & client modes are possible. The modem is an ideal solution for RS-232/485 interfacing to PLC, metering devices, power quality measurement equipment and others.

RS-232RS-485GSMIEC 60870-5-104GPRSDinRail


The IMODGSM-E3 is the first Bausch GSM/GPRS embedded I-module (56,4 x 56,4 mm), ment for all kinds of remote M2M alarm monitoring and utility applications.
Supporting FOTA (Firmware over the Air) as an option - the firmware is loaded onto the flash module - the IMODGSM-E3 integrates a quad band Enfora Enabler-IIIG-0308-11 cellular module, an AVR processor (with program and debug functionality) and a 3V3 serial TTL Interface.The module is FCC (Parts 15, 22 & 24), CE, IC and RoHS compliant and has GCF v3.27.0, PTCRB v3.12.0, AT&T, Rogers and other worldwide operator certifications.


DinBox GSM M4

Serial RS-232/RS-485 and 10/100 MB Ethernet Quadband 800/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM and/or EGSM/GPRS DIN-rail modem with router functionality for up to 8 LAN devices. With I/O (1xDI, 1x DO). M36 DIN-rail enclosure, 9 modules width. Ment for 'heavy' industrial environments (tested according to extended electromagnetical immunity requirements in the electricity market in Belgium). Used for AMR/MDM electricity applications. Different power supplies possible (85-264 Vac, direct 9-57 Vdc etc...).

RS-485Inputs & outputsRS-232GPRSManagementDinRailIEC 60870-5-104GSM