Smart modem communication for the Industry & Energy market
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Bausch Datacom is one of the key partners of Eandis - Belgian electricity distributor  - and KU Leuven/Energyville in the further development of a patented midvoltage sensor technology. The development is supported by KIC InnoEnergy. The technology is capable of measuring and monitoring voltage parameters at medium voltage without opening the XLPE cable to the core. The technology will result in compact and low cost sensor solutions that will be easily retrofitted in the field. The aim is to offer products in 2016/2017 worldwide.

Electricity Substation Monitoring

Lifetime and physical boundaries of infrastructure and short circuit events make it necessary to (tele)monitor (mid)-voltage substations. The WAN-communication of these parameters is in many cases through GPRS/3G TCP/IP IEC 60870-5-104 communication to a SCADA master set up.

The idea of a 'Smart Substation' monitoring Power Quality, directional fault passage, partial discharge of transformers information and communicating this information online (GPRS, 3G) to a SCADA backoffice is clearly gaining more and more terrain. Bausch Datacom focuses for the years to come on the development of RTU's, a mid-voltage sensor and fault indicators.More ...

Featured Products

DinBox RTU SL 104

IEC-60870-5-104 enabled! (Micro-) RTU in DINrail housing, with real time clock, 2 non isolated 12 bit AI, galvanically isolated DI (8) and DO (2) and integrated GPRS modem, supporting NMKD-3085 ASCII (ABB), TMX, 60870-5-104...communication protocols. Powered via 85-264 Vac/120-370 Vdc mains or 9-25 VDC (with optional power backup via 4 x Maxwell PC25 SuperCaps). Tailor made software on a project base.

SMSRTUGPRSIEC 60870-5-104Inputs & outputsDinRail


IEC 60870-5-104 enabled! The DinBox GPRS SL modem is a serial V.24 RS-232/RS485 2/4 wire modem in a DINrail housing. The modem is DC powered and can be equipped with several metering and/or SCADA protocols. CSD GSM data, GPRS IP socket server & client modes are possible. The modem is an ideal solution for RS-232/485 interfacing to PLC, metering devices, power quality measurement equipment and others.

RS-232RS-485GSMIEC 60870-5-104GPRSDinRail

Latest News

June 2016: Launch of DinBox GSM M4 modem - The workhorse of substation communication!

22 April 2016

The DinBox GSM M4 can be configured as a transparent modem (GPRS) for meter reading, a SCADA IEC 60870-5-104 RTU or as a router to your network LAN device (meter, RTU, etc.). This makes it the ideal product for the communication of all kinds of applications. More...


InduBox GSM M4: latest generation of InduBox family with Ethernet and RS-485 interface!

26 February 2016

Bausch Datacom will release the InduBox GSM M4 modem in Q2 2016. The modem is the latest version of the InduBox family and combines the robustness of InduBox GSM IX with a new feature: the inclusion of an Ethernet interface! More...


DinBox RTU SL 104: IEC 60870-5-104 micro RTU's for MV/LV substations

7 December 2015

The DinBox RTU SL 104 is a micro GPRS RTU, tailor made for alarming (and monitoring) applications. Typical MV/LV substation alarming and monitoring events can be communicated by the RTU. More and more DSO's are looking at costeffective solutions for their MV/LV substation monitoring. Ores, Infrax, AIEG in Belgium and SIG (Genève) and Lausanne in Switserland are the first DSO's to test and implement this new approach. More...

19 " racks for PSTN & GSM: proven technology still up to date!

17 November 2015

The Spanish company Infopyme used a Bausch Datacom PSTN rack for Australian's operator Telstra. The project envolved some 10 racks with approx. 180 PSTN modems. The dial out solution needed to use V.25 Recommendation: "ITU-T Recommendation G.165 (1993), Echo cancellers". This rule was necessary for communications through satellites and Telstra required it for the project. Bausch Datacom continues offering 19" modem rack systems based on the PSTN Proxima and GSM Indubox modem technology. High performance and reliability are the key features of this modem technology. More...


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Bausch Datacom is the specialist in industrial
data communication: heavy-duty PSTN, GSM &
GPRS/3G modems and RTU's  for the energy,
automation & M2M market.

The company focuses on following aspects of the electricity grid: IEC 60870-5-104 SCADA communication, external meter reading communication, EV charging infrastructure electronics and ‘Active Substation' technology. Bausch Datacom is member of Smart Grids Flanders.

Typical engineering projects & products:
Remote PSTN/GSM/GPRS/3G  meter reading
GPRS IEC 60870-5-104 & SMS RTU's  for SCADA 
Innovative electronics for 'Active Substations'
GPRS communication & control for EV charging units
GPRS & Ethernet dataloggers
PSTN socket modems
PSTN & GSM rackmodems
ISDN active Terminal Adapters
Radio Frequency (169 MHz) communication modules